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Video Case Studies


The Woodland Spa

'The Woodland Spa commissioned RTR TV to produce their latest promotional film for the Spa Website. Due to the popularity of the Spa our crews filmed over 3 nights to ensure all aspects of the facilities were filmed without interruption to the business.

As well as producing the initial promotional film our production team utilised the content shot to create an additional series of films tailored to suit various social media platforms as well as a targeted TV ad using Sky Adsmart. The footage was captured using 4K technology ensuring the longevity of the asset and broadcast acquisition.

“I was confident from day one that I had made the right choice choosing RTR to produce the video for The Woodland Spa. Nothing was too much trouble. No stone was left unturned. The entire team worked tirelessly through the night. And the result speaks for itself. You should watch the video ( and then you should commission them to create yours.”

Justine Cooke - Crow Wood Marketing

NewsQuest NorthWest

Newsquest North West is a part of Newsquest Media Group one of the UK’s largest publishers, traditionally renowned for its large network of local newspapers.

Over the last decade there’s been a huge shift in the media landscape, in terms of how individuals consume media. As a business, NewsQuest are constantly adapting, diversifying and innovating to create new products to satisfy these demands. This has led to them becoming one of the region’s largest leading multi-media providers. committed to bringing a voice to regions around the clock 24/7.

‘Newsquest brands now reach over 55% of the adult population in the local communities they serve’ Newsquest websites together with their newspapers are growing the overall audience massively and those advertisers using Newsquest digital products in tandem with printed products are seeing a significant return on investment. – DELIVERING A BIGGER AUDIENCE THAN EVER BEFORE… demonstrate growth from 2012-2017

NewsQuest commissioned RTR to produce a film to be rolled out across the NorthWest Network, we tailored various cuts to suit different social media platforms. The films have proved so successful we are now discussing the provision of video content throughout the entire UK network.

"The RTR team worked tirelessly to produce a modern, engaging, cinematic, corporate video for Newsquest North West, part of Newsquest Media Group. The professionalism of this team is second to none! I believe RTR to be one of the best digital video production companies not only in this geographic area, but one of the best to deal with in the whole country. From meeting to discuss our initial ideas and concepts to final production, we were kept in the loop throughout the whole production of the video. These guys are not only passionate about what they do, RTR are a great friendly team to deal with offering sound advice. We are delighted with the results and now looking forward to rolling out an ad campaign which will work in sync with our video across a range of multimedia channels.

Beverley Eastwood

Marketing Manager, Newsquest North West

The Mad Florists

Join us through the mad world of flowers. A world where artistic temperament meets billion dollar industry. With a global annual worth of over $104 billion and an estimated £2.2 billion at retail level in the UK (the music industry being worth around £2 billion). There is undoubtedly power behind the flower.

This series will delve into the ‘Crazy World of Flowers’. With the help of our Mad Florists, explore the diverse and at times wacky world, whilst revealing an industry which grows on average 6% globally a year.

Who the Hell is...

A pilot for a series of short documentaries following the lives of everyday individuals who you may unknowingly just pass on the street.

The White Swan

Just a taster of the type of films we produce for small businesses

You might hesitate on the doorstep of the White Swan, but step inside and you’ll find this is no ugly duckling (Jay Rayner, the Guardian Food and Drink)

Vapour Animation

A series of animations created for 'Vapour' for use on social media and their website.

All illustrations are done in-house here at RTR TV, which ensures a smooth production process throughout any animation brief.

The Bibas|Events

We are delighted to sponsor the 'Creative Agency of the Year Award' at this years BIBAs 2018. The event will ve held at the Tower Ball Room Blackpool and as usual a full house is to be expected. This award is open to marketing, communications, PR and design agencies that can demonstrate attributes such as resilience, growth and innovation together with excellent financial outcomes. We are expecting a large number of entrants this year and we look forward to meeting everyone throughout the the judging process.

RTR TV provide event coverage and digital content for events such as the BIBA'S, which are ideal for creating a sense of high impact and wow factor to any start of an event.

The Pendle Witches

As we are based on the doorstep of Pendle Hill so we thought we should include at least one of the many short films we have produced over the years discussing the famous 'Pendle Witches', presented by our in-house presenter 'Zilpah Hartley'.